How to make your ex boyfriend feel sorry that he dumped you

How to make your ex boyfriend feel sorry that he dumped you the “Temporary or Permanent Separation in Horoscope” I have received many questions on Separations and all of them want to know whether it is Temporary or permanent is there any chance of Patch-up or will he/she come back in my life they want to know whether it is temporary or permanent first of all I would like to tell you this, which is the answer to your question. chances of break up are created in your horoscope when the 6th house is entered.

You need to understand, how the 6th house involves Many situations are made in this, if we try to find out reasons for separations, then we will find out many and we will not be able to complete But I will try to tell you lightly so that you will get the idea see, there are two types of Love, One is Platonic Love or Real Love which is Inside us If we have love within ourselves and our hearts are full of love, then we see love in all So we do not see evil in anyone and there are no chances of break up in this When you don’t see the problem in the partner, then how will the break-up happen, there is no expectation whether it is black, white, fat, poor and rich.

Whether it is of a different caste, of a younger age, of older age, of other countries One who has combinations of real love in his horoscope, has only love, whether his partner is far away or way-sided love or his partner does not give him time. Now it is useless to talk about break up in the case of the one who can’t end the love from inside. so there will not be a break-up i will tell you about the combination of platonic love, Although this is not the topic It happens in the Dasha of 5th House only, your 5th house can be connected with 4th,2nd or any house except 6th 8th and 12th house If 5th House connects with 11th house then it will be a cherry on cake It can be like this that suppose your Venus Dasha is running and Venus is lord of 5th house and is sitting in 11th house. Now 5th house connects with 11th house.

If the dasha of Venus has started then you need not worry So there will be no chances of separation, because nothing will happen from your side. There will be no conflict from your side, no fault of partner will be caught by you and if you catch any, you will not pull it. you will try to ignore that because you are a pure soul from inside. No second thought in mind, just Love It is like the love of Lord Krishna to the gopis. platonic love So you will also have such love within the Mahadasha when the connection of the 5th house with the 11th so, you need not worry, you can check this combination in your horoscope. Now let’s talk about the second option in which the chances of break up are made. You have to check whether the connection of the 5th house with the 8th house and the 12th house is being made within Mahadasha. or 5th house with 8th or 5th house with 12th house. any of them either.

How to make your ex boyfriend feel sorry that he dumped you

In this combination, you will see all kinds of love in which you see your future with the other person. Want to know everything about the other person, want to go into the depths of his life. We want to know all his next previous because we are investing time in him, We try to test it in every way to see how the finances will be, and will be respected in the future or not.

so our time should not be wasted. so there are many conditions and researches in this kind of love this love is sometimes based on physical relations or physical attraction There could be a fight for physical relation or during physical relation or after physical relation. It can be an issue So, in this kind of love there will be the chances of Break-ups. Now understand how there can be chances of breaking up in this.

I will tell you both temporary and permanent If you have a 6th house involved in your Mahadasha, But 5th and 11th houses are also there then you need not to worry, I have already told you. if 11th house is not there in Mahadasha and 5th house connects with 6th house then 70% chances are for Permanent Break-up. there are Lot of more things to see for break up but 5th and 6th house itself makes the possibilities. It possible to make the connection like 5th and 6th both lords are the same like Saturn or 5th Lord is sitting in 6th this makes the possibility of permanent break-up Now let’s talk about temporary break up.

As Mahadasha belongs to the 5th house and Antardasha belongs to 6th house As soon as the Mahadasha of this 5th house gets the Antardasha of the 6th house then a breakup will happen. Repeat Or you get the Antardasha of Rahu, Ketu, Saturn and Mars I am talking about sub-period then also there are chances of Temporary Break-up if Rahu, ketu, saturn and Mara has 6th house involvement then break-up happens else Then there will be no breakup, petty quarrel, tension and misunderstanding Break-up is something else, this can be an issue of space Everybody says these malefic planets are bad and they can get you separation but you need to understand Rahu , ketu, and saturn are the supporters of separation, suppose you are in a bad relationship since long And you can’t get out of it, can’t decide what to do Here Rahu. . . . . . . . sat helps you in getting out of it Now you can take it as per your understanding Because you weren’t able to take a decision, now you are on one side Get a tra