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Getting Back With Your Ex Using Astrology: How Astrologer OP Shastri Can Help in The UK


Breakups can be emotionally devastating, especially when you still have feelings for your ex. If you are based in the UK and looking for ways to rekindle your past relationship, consulting a Vedic astrologer like OP Shastri may help guide you during this difficult time.

Vedic astrology is an ancient Indian system that studies planetary positions at the time of birth to gain insight into a person’s character and predict future events in their life. By analyzing your birth chart along with your ex’s, an astrologer can advise if and when reconciliation may occur. Additionally, they can suggest customized rituals and gemstones that may attract your lover back to you.

In this article, we will explore:

  • How breakups affect us emotionally and psychologically
  • How Vedic astrology readings by OP Shastri can reveal chances of reconciliation
  • Astrological remedial measures for attracting an ex-back
  • What to expect during the consultation process with an astrologer
  • OP Shastri’s background and why he is trusted for relationship astrology

Understanding The Emotional Turmoil of Breakups

When a relationship that once felt everlasting suddenly ends, it can leave you feeling blindsided. You may oscillate between sadness, confusion, anger, regret, fear, and longing. This rollercoaster of emotions is a normal reaction as you grieve the future you envisioned with this person.

Losing intimacy with a romantic partner also takes a psychological toll. Since human beings have an innate need to bond and attach, breakups can trigger abandonment wounds leading to emotional trauma. Your sense of self-worth may also take a hit, especially if the split was unilateral or involved betrayal.

Additionally, your biological stress response gets activated due to the loss of companionship. This can manifest physically through insomnia, loss of appetite, knots in the stomach, Hollowness in the Chest, and even immune system dysfunction.

Since breakups can be so destabilizing, it is extremely common to have urges to reconnect with an ex. This desire may intensify if you still have strong romantic feelings or if the relationship ends prematurely.

The good news is astrology can reveal whether reconciliation is written in the stars. Consultations with OP Shastri offer definitive guidance on if destiny will steer your ex back into your life.

How Vedic Birth Chart Analyses By OP Shastri Offer Clarity

For thousands of years, Vedic astrologers have relied on natal charts or janampatri to foretell an individual’s future and interpret karmic patterns. By combining insights from your planetary positions at the exact time, date, and location of birth, an astrologer can make scarily accurate assessments about critical areas of life – including relationships, marriage, and breakups.

When you book a consultation with OP Shastri to get back with an ex, he will carefully analyze both your birth chart along your ex’s for:

Karmic Ties: The astrologer investigates whether there are any previous life connections between you two by examining combinations for Rinanubandhana (Karmic debt), a binding force that draws individuals back together lifetime after lifetime.

Personality Assessment – The astrological reading includes a detailed evaluation of innate behavioral traits, nature, and compatibility potential for both you and your ex. This offers clarity if fundamental differences were the real root cause for relationship failure.

Cycles of Separation And Reunion: Breakups fall under the Viyoga cycle while reunions are categorized under the Aniyoga cycle. Timing under these predictive periods is examined for oscillations over the short and long term.

Influence Of Cosmic Planets And Lunar Transits – Since cosmic energy impacts human life, OP Shastri will track relevant astrological transits that forecast a revival of emotional and romantic feelings between you and your lover during specific forecasted months. Custom remedial rituals can maximize chances for reconciliation during promising time windows.

While everyone hopes to discover unconditional eternal love, relationships do break down for various complex reasons. However by gaining astrological insights into these dynamics beyond our conscious awareness and powered by cosmic forces, one can finally receive definitive answers on the likelihood of revival moving forward.

Potential Astrological Rituals and Remedies

A second significant advantage of consulting an astrologer like OP Shastri is that he can suggest powerful remedial measures customized to your circumstances that attract ex-lovers back through divine intervention. These Vedic rituals have been practiced for millennia and originate from Puranas and ancient mythology.

Here are some astrology-based attraction remedies the esteemed priest may prescribe if stars are aligned for reconciliation:

Chanting Kubera Mantra To Boost Prosperity and Financial Luck Chanting this divine money mantra creates an auspicious vibration around you that draws stable resources and wealth. Since a lack of finances can add stress to relationships, improved prosperity can save a failing one.

Crystal gemstones program This remedial program involves wearing specifically assigned gemstones for Venus planet for 90 days in a copper ring on the left hand. The exotic crystals augment love energy to pull the ex-partner towards the wearer through mystical means.

Kanishtha Prabha Jyotisha Homam Also known as the lowest planetary fire ritual, the home is considered among the most powerful Vedic ceremonies for harmonizing all planetary doshas– including astrological afflictions causing relationship turmoil with the soulmate.

Lakshmi Prapti Mantra For quick reconciliation with the ex, the astrologer may advise Lakshmi Prapti Mantra Lakshmi to be the goddess of beauty, prosperity, and divine power. Chanting this mantra 1,25,000 times within 30 days is believed to exude strong vibrations that can sway romantic feelings.

Ultimately, these customized rituals aim to open up cosmic communication channels that intuitively guide lovers back together through destined circumstances. Various religious scriptures are filled with remarkable tales of how such mystic siddhis tap into divine almightiness to course-correct fate.

Since reconciliations are highly sensitive with so much at stake energetically and emotionally, leverage experiential wisdom from enlightened astrologers like OP Shastri on this spiritual journey.

What To Expect During Consultation with Relationship Astrologers

During your appointment, OP Shastri will likely follow the standard Vedic astrology consultation format to gather the personal details required to construct your birth chart.

Expect to provide accurate Time, City, and Country of birth. While speaking over the phone or virtual chat, stay focused without distraction or background noises. Having the birth details of your ex-partner can offer additional relevant insights.

The seasoned astrologer will ask thoughtful questions to better understand relationship history, dynamics, nature of the split, and if any reconciliation attempts have already failed in the past. Feel free to clarify any queries about the Vedic astrological system, its validity or even concepts like karma and destiny.

Based on astrological assessments unique to you, OP Shastri will educate on outstanding karmic bonds, compatibility markers, and cycles indicating chances of revival of romance in the near or distant future. You can request Zodiac sign perspectives or predictions in the context of obstacles vs catalysts from individual planetary transits. Customized solutions will also be recommended to overcome detrimental energetics causing relationship friction on the physical and metaphysical plane.

Finally, the shamanic astrologer will share intelligent timing strategies for days when the probability of getting back together is at its peak to synchronize with the larger rhythms of the Universe. Ensure to have pen and paper handy during meeting to note down rituals, mantras, or crystals suggested for accelerating reconnection efforts as guided by the mystic forces.

Why OP Shastri is Preferred for Reliable Astrological Consultation in the UK

Trusted globally, Pandit OP Shastri hails from a long lineage of eminent astrologers practicing Vedic astrology based out of Delhi, India. Having inherited profound knowledge from his Guru father late Pandit Ganga Prasad Shastri, he provides niche consultations for marriage, karmic relationships, divorce, and compatibility assays.

Through his website and YouTube channel, the distinguished priest has extended genuine astrology services beyond geographical borders to serve clients and Vedic communities in the US, UK, Australia, and around the world.

While assessing romantic compatibility is his specialty, his cosmic foresight has also helped clients maximize success, wealth and make timely decisions through accurate predictions.

Here are some key reasons why OP Shastri is most sought-after for his Vedic astrology and spell-casting capabilities specific to relationship reconciliation:

1. Outstanding Track Record: He has an impeccable track record for reuniting thousands of lovers across 100+ countries through detailed astrology readings and highly customized Vedic rituals.

2. Swift Results in Desperate Cases: When handling critical reunification cases, OP Shastri channels his occult mystic powers to manifest positive movement in the client’s favor for urgent relationship recovery.

3 Fast Response: Given the sensitivity of clients in emotional duress due to breakups, Panditji places premium priority on prompt correspondence through phone, chat, or email during challenging periods.

4. Ethical and Confidential Services: He adheres to strict confidentiality and professionalism concerning the identity and personal details of parties involved in reunification astrology services.

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